South African Timber Market

South Africa has one of the largest cultivated forestry resources in the world. Every year production runs into millions of cubic metres of harvested wood, generating lucrative profits for the economy.

The local commercial forestry industry is therefore a significant contributor to the economy and a major medium for development, empowerment and the upliftment of millions of people. Primarily plantation-based, the South African timber industry stretches over 1.34 million hectares, predominantly in eastern and south-eastern South Africa. About 80% of our countries timber is grown in KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga, with independent pockets across the country making up the numbers. Pine, Eucalyptus and Wattle, all aliens, are the main species used predominately for the pulp, paper and board industry, followed by the sawmill industry.

Like any industry, the South African timber Market has to constantly overcome numerous challenges associated with transporting and processing large amounts of raw materials from rural and often isolated areas, which are then distributed into the market place.

Big Sky Trading is proud to be a part of this growing industry as professionals who function within these parameters, offering our customers a quality product.